Stage 1 - Décember 30th 2009

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liaison : 164km - SS : 145km - liaison : 0km | Total : 309km

This first ‘little special stage’ will give a good idea of the difficulties which will be encountered in Morocco, a first idea of the philosophy of the road book and the type of navigation which lies ahead.

It is THE first special stage, so it will be important to take care, without gambling on your hopes, whilst becoming immersed in Africa.

The first thirteen kilometres are very rocky, very narrow and winding, especially for the trucks in the most mountainous part – take care of the corners which close up and of the small ravines on the side… After around twenty kilometres, the landscape which will open up in front of the competitors is quite simply magnificent… Afterwards, the track improves, becoming wider and faster, going across the wide plaines, covered with parallel tracks.

Plenty of navigational work in perspective, where it will be very important to follow the headings carefully !