Stage8 - January 7th 2009

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liaison : 0km | SS : 442km | liaison : 0km | Total : 442km

This is definitely ‘THE’ stage of the AFRICA ECO RACE 2010, the most difficult but also the most beautiful.
The competitors will drive in a loop, leaving from the Tabrenkout bivouac, with no liaison, and returning directly to the same bivouac… Prudence will be the key element from the very start, which will see them set off into the sun, with the resulting reduced visibility.    
A busy day, but with plenty of beauty to look at… off-road sections, rolling plateaus, rocky areas, soft wadis and dunes… dunes and more dunes.
The competitors will have to cross no fewer than five passes during the day, more or less difficult, but one thing is sure : it will be quite simply magical…